Pastured Poultry and Eggs

Pastured Turkey

We seasonally raise most of our turkeys, rotating them through different paddocks of fresh pasture, but you can find our breeding flock with their babies free ranging the farm year round. They will be often be the first ones to vocally great our visitors. Our turkeys are given access to non-GMO feed and are truly great foragers on the farm.

Pastured Eggs

Some of our layers stay with the "egg mobile", that we move through various pastures, giving them access to fresh grass as they fertilize the fields. The rest free range on the farm year round. They are given free choice non-GMO, soy-free grain. These happy girls lay beautiful multicolored eggs.

Pastured Chicken

We seasonally raise our broilers, April - October, so they are grown completely on pasture. They stay in our A-frame chicken tractors. We pull these tractors twice a day, so they have constant fresh pasture. They love the fresh grass, sunshine, their non-GMO feed, and all the bugs they can find.

You can taste the difference in our chicken, turkey, and eggs. Pick up our chicken and eggs at the farm or from the Wytheville and Abingdon Farmer's Markets. For restaurants and markets that order in bulk, we can make special deliveries. Just call us at (276) 620-1513 or send us an email through the "Contact Us" page.

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